Short Stories — Anthologies



The Morris-Jumel Mansion Anthology is the first short story collection about this legendary historic New York City landmark, that brings together all the myths and rumors from the hauntings by Stephen and Madam Jumel, the servant girl and the Hessian soldier, as well as the Cabinet meetings of President Washington and the wild parties of Vice President Aaron Burr. Featuring my short story “How Eliza Became A Ghost.”



Shadows at the Door Publishing brings you thirteen chilling tales inspired by the ghastly, the ghoulish and the macabre. Landmarks stained in death, spectres lurking outside, old legends rising from the dark, these stories bring unique and chilling horrors from around the world. Featuring my short story “Nor Gloom of Night,” inspired by a very spooky trip to a Brooklyn post office.


Short story, “Retro Viral” was published in Myth Ink Press’ DARK TALES FROM ELDER REGIONS. “Mix one part abandoned clinic, with two parts drug induced teens and what you will find is a haunting of epic colorful proportions. A ghost story that transcends time and manifests like a disease.” This tale of horror brings together some of my personal obsessions: Poe, NYC history, and lethal diseases… and dancing!

10thblackbookofhorror_zps0dbb7b5eTENTH BLACK BOOK OF HORROR (2013)

My short story, “The Last Wagon in the Train” was published in Mortbury Press’ BLACK BOOK OF HORROR VOLUME 13. A Weird Western, the tale features a thief, a wheelwright, and a wagon train with a number of decidedly unsettling settlers. HONORABLE MENTION, BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR, VOLUME 6



Dark HeartDARK HEART (2012)

Short story “Glamour” featured in Dark Heart Volume 1, an anthology of paranormal Young Adult fiction. In “Glamour,” a teenage witch mis-casts a spell and ends up banishing her “frenemy” into another dimension. She must now find a corrective spell to get her back, all the while masquerading as the missing girl so that no one finds out.



Specter SpectacularSPECTER SPECTACULAR (2012)

Short story “A Fitting Tribute,” featured in Specter Spectacular: 13 Ghostly Tales anthology of short fiction published by World Weaver Press. Spirits, poltergeists, hauntings, creatures of the dark —  Specter Spectacular: 13 Ghostly Tales delivers all these and more in thirteen spooky twists on the classic ghost story. “A Fitting Tribute,” is a twist on the classic trope of ghostly revenge, in which a spoiled young girl gets more than she bargained for.


Short Story Collections


andreajanes_botd_frontandback_final copyBOROUGHS OF THE DEAD (2011)

“Like the best of the pulps, the narratives are creepy, darkly comical and elegantly composed, with lovingly detailed descriptions of place and an ample whiff of lurid decay.” – FANGORIA                    

Imbued with the chilling undertone that inhabits all of New York’s five boroughs, BOROUGHS OF THE DEAD is an entertaining, varied and infectious take on things that go bump in the New York City nights. A collection of ten stories that range from the waning days of the 18th Century to the present time, this macabre collection mixes in a bit of historical fact, a hearty measure of local color and plenty of honest-to-goodness creepiness. Stories include:

*”Newtown Creek”, a budding teen-aged comic book writer’s nightmares have lethal consequences.
*”The General Slocum”, a supernatural explanation of what really happened in 1904 when an excursion boat caught fire and sank in the East River, killing over 1,000 passengers.
*”The End”, an author’s surefire method for insuring a permanent place on the bestseller list.



 glamour_cover1-1GLAMOUR (World Weaver Press, 2013)

“Stealing the life she’s always wanted is as easy as casting a spell…”

This young adult urban fantasy is full of snark, wit, and of course, witches! GLAMOUR tells the tale of a teenage townie living on Cape Cod who suddenly discovers she’s a powerful hereditary witch. When her powers misfire, she suddenly finds herself living a life that’s completely beyond her control… but ever so much more interesting than the life she left behind….


Other Short Stories


Death and Taxes (Shadows at the Door, 2015)

The End (Shadows at the Door, 2014)

Morbus (Golden Visions Magazine, 2011; as A.J. Sweeney)

We’ll All Be In The Arms of Our True Loves Before Long (Bards and Sages Quarterly, 2011; as A.J. Sweeney)

Nethermead (Flashes in the Dark, 2011; as A.J. Sweeney)

Newtown Creek (The Horror Zine, 2011; as A.J. Sweeney)

The Attraction (Halfway Down the Stairs, 2011; as A.J. Sweeney)

Hurricane Season  (SNM Horror Magazine, 2011; as A.J. Sweeney)




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