Occupation: Housewife

When my daughter Alice was born on May 24th, I was filled with all the usual emotions of a new parent — you know the ones that have been felt by millions of parents over thousands of years but that still feel fresh to you. The astonishment that this tiny creature was mine and was […]

The Weird Web of Washington Square

The last time I updated this blog, I was thirty pounds heavier and much better rested. Since then, I’ve had a baby, weathered the first summer with a newborn (my rosy visions of baby-wearing flew out the window during those heat waves) and somehow managed to actually write something. “The Web of Disrepute” went live […]

Author Interview with Gwendolyn Kiste

As part of the promo for the upcoming Shadows at the Door anthology (which you should all buy when it comes out), I did a little promo over at Gwendolyn Kiste’s blog. We talk ghost stories, haunted tourism, favorite authors, and other good stuff. You can read it here in all its glory.

Migrating Over from Spinster Aunt

After a long time over at Blogger, I’m migrating my author-related posts from Spinster Aunt over here. Check back for more brilliant, self-reflexive posts about writing, life in the big city, and having it all! I hope you know I’m kidding about those last two. If you’re looking for stuff related to ghosts, tours, and […]