The Weird Web of Washington Square

The last time I updated this blog, I was thirty pounds heavier and much better rested. Since then, I’ve had a baby, weathered the first summer with a newborn (my rosy visions of baby-wearing flew out the window during those heat waves) and somehow managed to actually write something. “The Web of Disrepute” went live on Literary Manhattan some weeks ago, but it is only now that I’ve actually had a few moments to share it here. It was written over the course of two weeks, in increments as short as four consecutive minutes. But I’m proud of having written something, even a 1500-word blog post, as a new mom. Writing, running a business, taking care of the old homestead, and managing the basics of self care (flossing! face washing! shampooing!) will have to operate on new, heretofore unheard of levels of efficiency now that baby is here. Perhaps I’ll post some Shirley Jackson-esque dispatches on motherhood here some time in the future…. For now, please give “The Web of Disrepute” a read. It’s surprisingly coherent! (I want that to be the pull-quote on my book jacket one day.)